Thursday, 23 November 2017

Déardaoin na nDaltaí: Cuid 3: Frásaí coitianta a mbíonn deacrachtaí ag daoine leo go minic

Is féidir le foghlaimeoirí go leor ama a chaitheamh ar bhunstruchtúir Gramadaí, ach uaireanta ní leor é sin chun abairtí ceart a chur le chéile ag an tús. Mar sin, cheap mé go mbeadh sé deas iontráil a dhéanamh faoi nathanna coitianta a mbíonn deacrachtaí ag daoine leo go minic.

From what I've seen, adult Irish language learners can spend so long on basic grammar structures without anything to show for it in the early stages of learning the language. It's all good and well knowing your prepositions/verbs etc. inside out, but if you can't string a sentence together, what's the point? I believe that language learners in this boat lose confidence when they hit this point, and therefore decided that I'd post today about phrases that people often find hard to grasp/often mix up. I believe that if you master these phrases early on, it will make life a little easier down the road during your Irish language learning journey! I hope that people will find this helpful, and feel free to shoot me an email @ if you have any questions!

Tá súil agam go mbeidh an cháipéis seo cabhrach agus má ta fadhb ar bith agaibh, seol ríomhphost chugam @

- Dúlra

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